Become a Theater Artist

There are many schools that teach the theatre arts, but most of them concentrate on perfecting the abilities of the stage performers. For many of the specialists who want a backstage role, they must actually leave the arena of stage production and get their training in other areas. It is good for them to have a trade that can be applied to many different walks of life, but they can also find a good career in the area of their dreams. Carpenters, makeup artists and wardrobe specialists all require training that is not covered in most arts programs.

Becoming a carpenter is often a skill many pick up while they are working in construction and remodelling. Formal schooling is available through trade schools and some colleges, but many people go to work after school or full time and learn their trade. If they get past the initial stages, many of them pick up work in the theatre as a way to supplement their income.

Learning how to apply makeup would seem to be relatively easy, but there are many schools that teach this art for people who want to work in many different venues. Cosmetology schools have become widely popular as people choose to look their very best every day of the year. Artists are taught how to choose the right colours and shades for a person’s hair and skin colour, and they become experts at applying their products. Moving into the theatre is a mark of their ability to enhance features, and it shows in their skill of making characters believable.

Clothing design is the place where many wardrobe specialists begin their education, and they do have opportunities in other areas of the field. The world is always ready for new designs, but making a name in the fashion industry is difficult. Starting with small theatre groups and working towards more notable companies is how many makeup artists have begun their careers.