Become a Theater Artist

There are many schools that teach the theatre arts, but most of them concentrate on perfecting the abilities of the stage performers. For many of...


Hair and Makeup for the Performance

Stage performers are separated from their audience, and even the front row seating is a small distance. The actors learn how to project their voices...


Setting the Stage

There are very few stage shows where only the performers are seen, and this gives the prop department a role in the production. They are...


The Creation Of A Wardrobe

The performers in any stage presentation must have clothing to match their roles, so theater productions often hire a wardrobe person. Their responsibilities are many...


Making Marvellous Music

Sound is a large part of the theater, and many have their own orchestras to provide the music for shows. While they are not part...

When the house lights dim and the curtain rises, the audience is treated to a dramatic presentation that will hopefully capture their attention. They are generally expected to enjoy the entire presentation without a thought about the various crafts done behind the scenes, yet the play would not be the same without them. Each behind-the-scenes craftsman contributes to the overall look and feel of each performance, yet they are seldom seen by the audience.

There are a lot of different crafts that go into the completed production of a theater presentation, and they include the writers, the director, the actors, the wardrobe people, those who build the props, control the lighting and the makeup artists. Each one has their own specific role to play, and their support for those out front helps make each performance more realistic to those watching. Without them, the performers might not be able to carry out their show for modern audiences.