Hair and Makeup for the Performance

Stage performers are separated from their audience, and even the front row seating is a small distance. The actors learn how to project their voices for distance, and their movements are slightly exaggerated so the entire audience will be able to see them. When it comes to their hair and makeup, the distance as well as their movements must be taken into account. Hair is relatively easy, and it is styled to fit the role. If the performer will be moving, their hair is set with gels to keep it in place during the performance.

Makeup seen at a distance must stand out, so it is often slightly exaggerated to account for this factor. The knowledge of how much exaggeration is necessary is part of the training of makeup artists. Their craft can be exacting in this regard, and they must also be aware of the effect the bright stage lights will have on their artistry. Sweating is one more issue they must contend with, and know which performers will require their services between acts.